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Tabriz is a famous carpet production center at north west of Iran. Typical Tabriz carpet is a medallion and corner style appealing to the European taste in art. Available at any standard size with minimum 40 different colors at each piece  .










Isfahan located at the central part of Iran as a historical town. There are numerous, very intricately drawn and precisely executed patterns; floral shapes and arabesque tendril work. Carpets have central, multi-lobed medallions or less frequently, repeat patterns. A large Shah Abbas border generally predominates; other floral border designs are taken from the field. Field and borders are clearly separated, often by between two and five minor borders and guard stripes. Almost available mixed silk & wool at any size.









Qom is a town makes famous high quality full silk carpets. Different patterns and combination of colors available at any standard size. In comparing with other carpets, silk Qom pieces are most costly because of the fine knots and material.













Naien is a town located at south part of Qom. Makes woolen  carpets with some silk in flowers. Available at any size, oblong and circle. There are less colors comparing with other rugs.











Kashan is an old city located between Qom and Isfahan, one of many carpet production centers in Iran. Almost Kashan carpets are all wool & available at all standard sizes.

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