Ghandi Trading Company

Managing Director: Reza Ghandi Nasrollahi



Ghandi Trading Est. under management of Mr.Reza Ghandi Nasrollahi has commenced its export activities since 1973 and in 1980 it was succeeded to export the Iranian hand woven rugs to Japan by creation of relation with the Japanese merchants and therefore it is among the first Iranian merchants exported rug to Japan.

Then by establishment of warehouse in Zurich Customs (Switzerland) exported the Iranian hand woven rugs to that country and used to send and sell the rugs from that place to its customers in countries of Italy , France , England , Greece , Belgium and Germany .

Thereafter by targeting U.S.A. as new market , he took action for studies and research of  rug market in that country and succeeded to establish commercial relations with the major and reputable importers of that country and as of 1984 to Oct.1987 (commencement date of economic sanctions ) exported Iranian hand woven rugs to U.S.A.

As of the past 5 years after removal the restriction for importation of Iranian rugs , with consideration to his previous backgrounds and records , immediately recommenced his export activity with the commercial parties in U.S.A. and continuously he exports various Iranian hand woven rugs to that country in a considerable volume .

The exporting  rugs are purchased by the said person from the production centers all over Iran with consideration to the specialization and experiences and upon washing , preparation and final control they are exported.

Ghandi Trading Est. within so many years of export activities , in coordination with changing the tastes of the foreign purchasers and by emphasizing on motto "quality is the secret of survival " consider exportation of Iranian noble rugs as his main duty  and has attempted for preservation and restoration of high status of Iranian rug in the world market, so far that Mr. Reza Ghandi is elected by the Iranian government as the Exemplary Exporter Of The Year 2004.